How A ‘Fat Kid’ Went On To Get Ripped And Become The Stunt Double For Hugh Jackman

by 2 years ago
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When you look at Eddie Davenport now, you would never imagine that he was bullied in high school over his weight and was even called a “fat kid.” Funny how things work out in real life after high school because now Eddie is a ripped actor, model, and stunt double for Hugh Jackman.

When Eddie was growing up, his single mom worked three jobs to provide what she could for her family according to Men’s Health. Mostly, Eddie’s diet consisted of “whatever was cheapest,” which meant Easy Mac, Top Ramen or Cup-A-Noodles. Though he wasn’t obese, that didn’t stop kids from teasing him and calling him fat. Eddie was so self-conscious of his body that he wouldn’t even let people take photos of him. In high school, girls would say things like, “He’s nice and funny, but I don’t want to date the fat kid.” The joke is on them because Eddie is now super in shape and famous.

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