600 Fireworks Exploding From Trunk Of A Car Was More Lit Than Your New Year’s Eve

In a New Year’s Eve fireworks display gone terribly awry, over 600 fireworks were set off from inside a car. New Year’s Eve fireworks, these people are doing them very, very wrong. Someone threw a lit firework into a car that had over 600 fireworks in it which resulted in an explosive fireworks display that was lucky that nobody got seriously injured or even worse.

We take you to a strip mall in Houston, Texas where someone threw a firework into Hurara Hassan’s Dodge Charger. Inside the trunk, there was $140 worth of Roman candles, sparklers, and firecrackers that were previously unexploded. Someone threw a lit firework into the Charger and KABOOM!!! Fireworks shot in every direction, but that didn’t deter amateur videographers from getting close enough to capture video of the impromptu fireworks show. Thankfully, nobody had their face blown off.

“I was scared because my girl was in the car,” Hassan told KTRK-TV. “I ran to go see, but luckily she ran out.” On the bright side, Hassan’s car now has heated seats. Hassan said his car is repairable and the insurance company is definitely going to look into this bizarre claim as possible insurance fraud. Nevertheless, Hurara maintains a positive outlook. “I’ll go do the fireworks again,” he said. “But I’ll make sure the trunk is closed next time.” Jason Pierre Paul gave this fireworks celebration one-and-half thumbs up.