Flavor Flav Spent A Staggering Amount Of Money On Drugs Each Day Before Getting Sober

Flavor Flav

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It’s certainly not impossible to avoid the pitfalls that tend to come with the kind of celebrity lifestyle that involves getting paid millions of dollars to travel around the world while catering to masses of adoring fans.

With that said, there are many, many tragic stories that highlight just how easy it is to succumb to those trappings.

The idea of living in a world where booze flows like the waters of Niagara Falls and getting your hands on a piece of gum and your drug(s) of choice requires you to exert the same amount of effort might sound appealing to some people in theory.

However, in practice, it tends to be a recipe for disaster that will almost always inevitably catch up with you at some point.

There are plenty of people in the music industry who know that all too well. That includes Flavor Flav, who first made a name for himself as the clock-wearing member of Public Enemy before entering the stage in his life defined by his time on multiple reality television series on VH1.

The hype man has also ended up in plenty of legal trouble over the years thanks in no small part to the substance abuse issues he opted to address a few years ago en route to recently celebrating his second year of sobriety.

During a recent appearance on Off the Record with DJ Akademiks, Flav discussed what brought him to that point while revealing some staggering numbers about the specifics of his drug habit, saying “There was a time that I was spending $2,400 to $2,600 a day for six years straight. You do the math.”

If you’re too lazy to actually do the math, that means the musician dropped at least $5.25 million and as much as $5.7 million over that span.


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