‘Fortnite’ Finally Allows Gamers To Practice with Playground Mode But Only For A Limited Time

by 8 months ago
fortnite playground practice mode

Epic Games

Do you suck at Fortnite? Be honest, do you have a .01 kill to death ration? Maybe you just need a little practice to hone your skills. FINALLY, Fortnite has a practice arena called “Playground Mode” where you can practice not sucking.

The v4.5 update hit Fortnite on Wednesday with the new Playground Mode and maybe you can start not getting killed by 7-year-olds. The practice mode puts you on a private version of the main island with up to four players. You’ll have one hour to put the work in so you don’t die in the first four minutes of actual gameplay. Or for experienced players, this gives you a chance to test out new strategies. But it’s not all about practicing how to merc your opponents, you can also practice how to do wicked cool cart jumps on tricked out ramps.

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