15-Year-Old Becomes A Millionaire In One Day By Dominating The Fortnite World Cup After His Mom Threw Away His Xbox

The first-ever Fortnite World Cup went down this weekend at the Arthur Ashe tennis stadium in Queens, New York. Epic Games put up a whopping $30 million in prize money for professional gamers from around the world to snatch the top prize of $3 million. One 15-year-old became a millionaire in one day after dominating nearly all of the competition. What were you doing at 15?

One of the biggest esports events ever happened on Saturday, the 2019 Fortnite World Cup finals for duos. In the 100-player battle royale, 15-year-old British gamer Jared Ashman and his 21-year-old Dutch teammate Dave Jong AKA Rojo finished second place in the finals of the duo competition. The two young men will split $2.25 million in Fortnite World Cup prize money.

Jaden, who plays under the gamer tag of “Wolfiez,” admitted that it was a tough road to get to Fortnite fame, mostly because of his meddling mom getting in the way of his Battle Royale practice. His mom was initially very opposed to her son devoting so much time to the video game that she threw away his Xbox.

Jaden’s mother, Lisa Dallman, admits that she threw her son’s Xbox in the garbage because Fortnite was affecting his schoolwork. Hey mom, way to understand your son’s potential and his passions. Lisa said the arguing over Jaden’s gaming habit had become a “nightmare” and called playing the game a “waste of time.” Jaden was practicing Fortnite as much as eight hours a day.

Now, mom supports her son’s Fortnite career and was right by his side after he won over a million dollars. That’s convenient. Jaden would have the last laugh with the gaming feud with his mom and said: “Now I’ve proved to her that I can do stuff, I’m really happy.”

Ashman said he would save the prize money for school or a house. His mom said that Jaden will probably spend the million dollars on a “lifetime of Uber Eats.”

The Fortnite World Cup duo winners were Emil Bergquist Pedersen AKA Nyhrox from Norway and his partner David W AKA Aqua from Austria, who took home the $3 million prize money.

Over 40 million gamers attempted to qualify for the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, but after 10 weeks of intense gaming only 100 finalists from 30 different countries made the cut. The solo champion will be crowned Sunday.

Kids, never listen to your parents, keep playing your video games and become millionaires.