Woman Delays Frontier Flight For 2 Hours Because She Was Hell-Bent On Flying With Her Emotional Support Squirrel

Flying can be stressful to many, that’s why they make Xanax and why there are plenty of bars at the airport gates. But for some, they need the comfort of emotional support animals. For one anxious woman, she needed the solace from her emotional support… squirrel. The airline said it was a nutty idea and kicked her off the flight with her tree rat.

On Tuesday, a woman attempted to bring her emotional support squirrel on a Frontier Airlines flight from Orlando, Florida, to Cleveland, Ohio. The passenger had indicated on her flight reservation that she was bringing her emotional support animal on Flight 1612, but did not specify that it was a squirrel. The woman and her furry friend made it past security and had already boarded the airplane. Then she was asked to leave the plane with the squirrel.

Legitimate question: How did the squirrel get through security? How does this work? Does the squirrel go through the luggage x-ray or does the squirrel go through the full-body scanner? If the squirrel goes through the full-body scanner how do you tell the rodent that it needs to put its lil feet in the yellow footprints and then extend its paws over its head?

The squirrel passenger would not deboard the plane and police had to remove her from the jetliner. Also, everyone had to disembark the plane, which is what everybody loves to do after getting settled and now faces a lengthy delay to their destination especially from Orlando with kids who are super cheerful that they’re leaving Disney World.

The flight was delayed for TWO hours because of the “emotional support squirrel.”

Another legitimate question: How is a squirrel an emotional support animal? They’re fidgety as fuck. There’s absolutely nothing calming about a squirrel. Not to mention that they’re high in cholesterol, yet still probably better than airplane food.

Frontier Airlines prohibits travel with rodents, including squirrels. Oh my goodness, this woman is the nutty squirrel lady from Rat Race IRL.

An “emotional support squirrel” joins the long list of bizarre “emotional support animals” that people have brought on planes.

In 2014, there was a passenger who brought their “emotional support pig” on a US Airways flight and tied its leash to an armrest, but it became “disruptive” and started crapping all over the place.

In 2016, a woman flying out of Charlotte brought her “emotional support duck” named “Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt” on a flight.

In 2016, Jason Ellis attempted to bring his “emotional support marmoset monkey” named “Gizmo” on a Frontier flight from Ohio to Las Vegas.

In January 2016, a passenger attempted to take their “emotional support turkey” on a Delta Air Lines flight.

A blind woman took her “emotional support miniature Appaloosa horse” on a flight. People are just picking random animals to take them on a flight and calling them “emotional support animals.”


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