25 Funny-As-Hell Tweets And Memes From Dads This Week

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Remember how awkward Valentine’s Day was in school?

In grade school, you had to give every kid in the class a Valentine’s Day card, even the dickheads or kids you never talked to, because teachers didn’t want anyone to feel left out even though the kids who had no friends knew the cards were distributed under duress and the dickheads knew no one really liked them.

“Hi, kid who holds me down on the bus and farts in my face. Here’s a piece of cardboard with a Transformer on it. Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope your dad doesn’t come home tonight and beat you.”

Things got worse in high school. At least at my high school.

An annual student fundraiser on Valentine’s Day was buying Tootsie Pops for your crush, friends, or anyone you felt like dropping $1 on.

You bought a Tootsie Pop and wrote a special note. Those lollipops were delivered to the person’s homeroom and given out before the first class of the day by the homeroom teacher.

So each teacher was responsible for this Hunger Games-style reading of names of all the popular people who got lollipops while the kids who didn’t get Tootsie Pops just sat there and watched it all go down.

One year I thought “oh, I should just send myself a lollipop so I don’t look like a loser on Valentine’s Day” but then decided that’s even sadder.

The point of this story is that school is stupid and maybe it’s better to keep kids home. At least on holidays.

Here are the funniest tweets and memes from dads this week. Happy Valentine’s Day.





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