You’re Hungry For More ‘Game Of Thrones’ So Check Out HBO’s Behind-The-Scenes Series On The Show

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Are you currently experiencing any or all of these symptoms from “Game of Thrones” withdrawal:

  • Anxiety brought on from not knowing when “Game of Thrones” will return
  • Depression caused from realizing that you openly rooted for incest while watching “Game of Thrones” with your family
  • Dressing your girlfriend’s shih tzu like a dragon with giant wings and a reptile tail and renaming it “Dogon.”
  • Emotional numbness from your favorite “GoT” character dying several seasons ago
  • Constant and frantic searches to find Season 8 scripts on Reddit
  • Uncontrollable crying caused from knowing that you’ll never wow the ladies like Podrick does
  • Nervousness caused by not knowing if Tormund is still alive to make giant babies with Brienne
  • Inability to concentrate at work because you’re wondering who is Azor Ahai
  • Drug or alcohol abuse such as experimenting with deadly milk of the poppy
  • Lack of sleep from wondering if Bran knows everything, why didn’t he know about something Gilly read in some maester’s diary
  • A sudden appreciation of incest porn
  • Obssevie behavior such as cosplaying as Daenerys Targaryen in public and at home when you are alone

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