You’re Hungry For More ‘Game Of Thrones’ So Check Out HBO’s Behind-The-Scenes Series On The Show

Game of Thrones fans


Are you currently experiencing any or all of these symptoms from “Game of Thrones” withdrawal:

  • Anxiety brought on from not knowing when “Game of Thrones” will return
  • Depression caused from realizing that you openly rooted for incest while watching “Game of Thrones” with your family
  • Dressing your girlfriend’s shih tzu like a dragon with giant wings and a reptile tail and renaming it “Dogon.”
  • Emotional numbness from your favorite “GoT” character dying several seasons ago
  • Constant and frantic searches to find Season 8 scripts on Reddit
  • Uncontrollable crying caused from knowing that you’ll never wow the ladies like Podrick does
  • Nervousness caused by not knowing if Tormund is still alive to make giant babies with Brienne
  • Inability to concentrate at work because you’re wondering who is Azor Ahai
  • Drug or alcohol abuse such as experimenting with deadly milk of the poppy
  • Lack of sleep from wondering if Bran knows everything, why didn’t he know about something Gilly read in some maester’s diary
  • A sudden appreciation of incest porn
  • Obssevie behavior such as cosplaying as Daenerys Targaryen in public and at home when you are alone

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If you are experiencing any or all of those “Game of Thrones” withdrawal symptoms we suggest that you please watch the video below. HBO knows that fans of the epic fantasy TV show are feenin’ for more “Game of Thrones” goodness so they have released a new series. HBO’s new 7-part series takes you behind-the-scenes of “Game of Thrones” to show you all of the tireless work that goes into producing a show of this magnitude. While the George R.R. Martin, the actors, and the showrunners get most of the accolades, the crew behind-the-scenes really puts in hours to make the show the incredible fantasy world that it is.

In the first video, you get to see those unbelievable sets for the show including Dragonstone and Cersei’s Westeros conquest map. They also explain that it took three days to film Samwell’s shitty montage and how giants are made. You’re going to need to watch this video since you won’t be getting any new “Thrones” until maybe 2019. Deep breaths. We can get through this difficult time together.