‘Game Of Thrones’ Death Odds For The Season 7 Finale – Will Your Favorite Character Die?

Game Of Thrones Cersei Jaime


There hasn’t been that many important character deaths in Season 7, especially by “Game of Thrones” standards. However, this is the final episode, last chance to get some shocking deaths in before the final season. “Game of Thrones” season finales don’t bode well for main characters. Khal Drogo in Season 1, Tywin Lannister in Season 4, Jon Snow is Season 5, and Loras Tyrell, Margaery Tyrell, Mace Tyrell, High Sparrow, Tommen Baratheon, and Walder Frey in the Season 6 finale. If I’m a betting man, I’m guessing that big time players will die in the Season 7 finale. Episode 7, titled “The Dragon and the Wolf,” has a run time of 80 minutes, providing ample time for huge characters to meet their makers in The Old Gods and the New. So let’s look at some odds as to which beloved characters will perish and cause you to scream at your TV screen and be depressed IRL for the next three weeks.

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“Game of Thrones” Death Odds:
5-1 Greyworm dies
5-1 Beric Dondarrion dies
5-1 Littlefinger
7-1 The Wall is destroyed by the Night King or Viserion
8-1 Yara Greyjoy dies
8-1 Theon Greyjoy dies
10-1 The Mountain dies in CleganeBowl
10-1 Jorah Mormont dies
15-1 Bronn dies, doesn’t claim his castle
20-1 The Hound dies in the CleganeBowl
20-1 Cersei dies
25-1 Tyrion Lannister dies
25-1 Arya Stark dies
30-1 Jaime dies
40-1 Missandei dies
50-1 Varys dies
75-1 Sansa Stark dies
80-1 Davos Seaworth
90-1 Bran Stark dies
100-1 Samwell Tarly
250-1 Daenerys Targaryen dies
500-1 Jon Snow dies
1,000-1 Tormund Giantsbane dies (No way Tormund is killed off before making ginormous babies with Brienne of Tarth)
10,000-1 Night King dies (No way the greatest javelin-thrower in all of Westeros is going down anytime soon)

Sorry if you’ve become emotionally attached to the “GoT” characters who are about to croak in a horrific method, but Valar Morghulis.