Georgia Tech Students Pay Respects To Closing Student Center Taco Bell With Touching Farewell Tribute

taco bell


Goodbyes are never easy, especially when they are farewells to fiery Doritos locos tacos and 7-layer burritos. That’s why it is understandable and commendable that when a beloved Taco Bell that was closing down at the Georgia Institute of Technology that the fine students gave the fast-food institution a profound bon voyage.

On Thursday, the Taco Bell closed down for good at the student center. The Georgia Tech students said “sayonara” with a lone trumpeter serenading the restaurant with a military funeral-style bugle rendition of “Taps.” Despite the doors of the Taco Bell closing forever, the love for the burrito purveyor will never die.

Some couldn’t fathom a life without $1 triple melt nachos and began weeping at the closing of the Taco Bell (“I’m not crying, it’s the Fire Sauce.”). There were over 130 students who gathered outside the Taco Bell that was shuttered for good with a metal roll gate. There were many salty tears shed over cheesy gordita crunches that would never be eaten from this location ever again.

So much for all that “live mas” hullabaloo. I don’t mean to be insensitive, but how exactly does a Taco Bell on a college campus ever close? On the bright side, you still have a Chick-fil-A which is better than most student centers around the country. It was a cheesy, but touching vigil. Godspeed Georgia Tech students during these trying and hungry times.