12-year-old girl steals a car, goes on a two-state police chase

“Go big or go home.” This 12-year-old South Carolina girl who stole a car and led police on a chase lives and breathes that mantra harder than most.


Police initially thought the unidentified pre-teen was a drunk driver after noting her swerving and reaching speeds up to 70 miles per hour.

According to the police report, the girl got into a fight with her father that spurred her to leave the house. She then stole a truck from a nearby VFW hall and hit the road.

Police gave chase to the girl for 20 minutes from near her Gaffney, S.C. home all the way to Charlotte, N.C. The girl covered around 50 miles overall during the joyride.

The owner of the truck had no clue how the little girl was able to steal the car telling WSOC in Charlotte that he wanted to know how she got inside the car and was able to get it started.

Officers corralled the young girl after she slowed down enough for officers to surround the truck.

The girl and her father may face charges in Charlotte for the incident.

Obviously this girl’s dad has to be mad and punish her for her reckless actions. But on some level, you have to be proud, right? Endangering herself and others aside, it’s kind of cool that your daughter got all Dukes of Hazzard. Raising a badass ain’t easy.

Video from WSOC, including the police chase, is below.