Girl turns Spring Break into gunfire after catching boyfriend flirting

Heather Beaver just wanted a good time on Spring Break. But then her boyfriend made her get all Yosemite Sam in a hotel room.

Volusia County Jail

Police say the 21-year-old Beaver had been out drinking with her boyfriend the entire day when they got into a rift after she caught her man talking to another woman.

The couple returned to their hotel and continued the squabble. Beaver allegedly started out throwing bullets at her boyfriend when the situation escalated, forcing him to leave the room.

When police arrived, Beaver barricaded herself in the room at Daytona Beach’s Sun and Surf Motel. While cops tried to talk to her, Beaver reportedly fired several rounds in the room, while opening and closing the door to the room and threatening to commit suicide.

Cops used four canisters of tear gas in attempt to corral the feisty gal. She eventually gave up after firing 18 rounds inside the room.

Beaver faces charges of attempted murder of law enforcement officers among a litany of others. Something tells me she won’t be able to keep her boyfriend from flirting with another woman any time soon.