Ex-Goalie Mikayla Demaiter Showcases Revealing Black Shirt During Paris Vacation

Mikayla Demaiter

Getty Image

Mikayla Demaiter, the former hockey goalie who transitioned into the world of modeling, is once again making waves on the internet.

The 23-year-old influencer took to Twitter to share a series of photos from her Paris vacation, in which she is seen confidently flaunting a revealing black shirt.

The tweet, which featured three alluring snapshots of Mikayla against the backdrop of the iconic Parisian scenery, quickly gained traction and went viral.

Mikayla’s caption for the tweet read, “Managed to find the prettiest view in Paris… 😜,” showcasing her playful spirit and unapologetic confidence.

The post has garnered over 260,000 views and an outpouring of comments from her 2.7 million Instagram followers and 1.9 million TikTok fans.

Mikayla shared another set of pictures from Paris, which she also playfully captioned: “Don’t worry, if i were you i would probably stop scrolling too.”


This isn’t the first time Mikayla has caused a stir on social media.

She recently caught the public’s eye by sharing a photo reminiscent of the iconic Baywatch era, donning a red bathing suit that paid homage to Pamela Anderson’s legendary look.

From a skinny blue bikini in Calabasas, California, to a skimpy 4th of July ensemble while lying on an American flag, Mikayla has embraced her identity as the “reigning bikini queen.”

Demaiter has also been turning heads with her trendy outfit choices, including a daring tiny red dress, a tight orange dress that turned heads before a night out, staged runway walks in short jeans, and a red string bikini during her summer escapades.

As Mikayla Demaiter continues to enjoy her summer in style, her online presence remains a testament to her journey from the hockey rink to the runway.