‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Is The Best-Selling Video Game Of All Time


The Grand Theft Auto games have always pushed the limits of what video games can do, and GTA V was no exception. Anyone who’s wasted hours cruising around Los Santos in a pimped-out car blasting the radio knows how addictive the game can be, and even though it came out over four years ago, plenty of people still play it to this day.

GTA V shattered sales records when it first came out, raking in over $1 billion within three days of its release. The game currently holds the record for the fastest-selling video game of all time, and now it appears it can add another accolade to its impressive list of accomplishments.

According to an earnings report that was recently released by Take-Two, GTA V now holds the record for the best-selling game of all time in terms of revenue and units sold (an estimated 85 million). It is worth noting the company fudged the numbers a bit in their favor by ignoring mobile sales— if you take them into consideration, both Minecraft and Tetris have technically outsold the game, but let’s not rain on Rockstar’s parade.

The highly-anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 is scheduled for release next spring, so GTA V might want to watch the throne. In the meantime, the publisher will continue to rake in obscene amounts of money thanks to the cash cow that is GTA Online. 

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