Grandpa’s creepy massages lead to awkward ‘Dear Abby’ response

When Grandpa lovingly rubs the shoulders and backs of his granddaughters, he comes off like a real creepo. Especially when he complains to the syndicated “Dear Abby” column about it.

Yahoo/Dear Abby

And in text for prosperity:

DEAR ABBY: My two adult granddaughters have rejected me, their doting grandfather. Their father gave me this explanation: “They are uncomfortable with the way you rub their shoulders and necks.”

These girls and both parents have misinterpreted my innocent expressions of affection, which haven’t changed since the girls were little. The only change is in their perception of my actions.

I am devastated. I asked twice to meet with these family members to discuss their concerns. It has been three months; no meeting time has been offered. There has been no contact, and neither girl has called me for any reason this year.
I can’t just stop loving those with whom I have forged a 20-year bond of affection. How can this rupture be repaired? — GRIEVING GRANDDAD

DEAR GRIEVING GRANDDAD: Clearly, there is a need for some professional mediation here, provided your granddaughters and their parents are willing. If your touches have been regarded as inappropriate, you should have been warned about it years ago. Obviously something has made your granddaughters uncomfortable, and the rupture won’t heal until it can be discussed openly.

The attempts at happy endings are probably what put the massages over the line. (thanks for the tip, Jason)