The 5 Worst Grocery Shopper Personalities Of All Time

Costco and grocery stores see massive lines and brutal fights break out as panic sets in the United States.

Getty Image / Mario Tama / Staff

Some people view grocery shopping as a chore while others embrace the art of going aisle to aisle picking what you will be coming home with and enjoy every moment of it. You can always look into a grocery store and easily tell who is enjoying themselves and who is just having a miserable time. Quite frankly, I don’t care which type of shopper you are, as long as you are not one of these shoppers listed below. Here is The Brilliantly Dumb Show’s Top 5 worst shopping personalities you could possibly display in the grocery store.

5. The 10 Item Or Less Line Abusers

A grocery store’s way of saying, “get your things and get the hell out of here as fast as possible.” Except for 10 items or less isn’t always 10 items or less, I see people bulldozing into this aisle with 20-30 items and paper towels just hanging on for dear life to stay inside the cart. Don’t ever be that guy, if you have 12-15 items that’s fine, but let’s not take advantage of that aisle.

4. The Egg Inspectors

Go to the egg and dairy section in your local grocery store right now and I guarantee you find somebody inspecting each and every egg in numerous cartons to make sure they get the perfect dozen. I think eggs should be the luck of the draw after you have checked 2 cartons maximum and after that, you may just have to live with coming home to a couple of cracked eggs.

3. The Shopping Cart Parking Lot Bandit

These are for the people who don’t have enough energy to simply return their shopping cart to where they belong. They load up their items and just leave that empty cart stranded in the parking lot. Just return the thing. It would be like a jockey just leaving their horse in the middle of the track rather than bringing the horse back to the stable.

2. The Deli Ticket Counter Rebels

You know how delis work, it’s a procedure as old as time. Just take a number and wait for it to be called. Nothing worse than the guy who refuses to take a number and is in utter shock when the person behind him holding ticket No. 47 gets called before him.

1. The Frantic Shopping Cart Drivers

There is nothing wrong with being in a rush at the grocery store, to be quite frank we all are to some degree. But you HAVE to be able to control your shopping cart. Too many people try and thread the needle with their cart in between two shoppers. If you are going to thread the needle, make sure you can thread it. Have some control behind the cart and keep fellow shoppers safe.