‘Free Bird’ Guitar Hero World Record At 300% Speed Is The Most Intense Video Of The Year

Guitar Hero controller used to set video game world record

Getty Image / David Greedy

Twitch streamer Carny Jared is arguably the best Guitar Hero player in the world and he’s just set another world record after getting a perfect score playing ‘Free Bird’ at 300% the normal game speed.

Carny Jared’s Guitar Hero skills first came to my attention back in 2021. In April of that year, he became the first person to ever complete a perfect score on ‘Soulless 6’, a song featured on Guitar Hero III that was long considered impossible to get a perfect score on.

He’s back with another Guitar Hero world record after nailing a perfect score on ‘Free Bird’ with the game sped up to 300% its normal speed. There is some colorful language in the video so be forewarned if that bothers you. This is also the most intense video I’ve watched in forever ad made my heart race, so be prepared for that as well:

I’m thankful that Marc Deschamps at Comicbook.com shared the video above or I might’ve missed it. I can’t say that I’ve been keeping up with the world of Guitar Hero Twitch streaming these days.

But you know I couldn’t let you guys leave without showing you his Guitar Hero record for ‘Through The Fire And Flams’ at 275% speed.

That is a song that would give me nightmares on Guitar Hero back in the day. It’s clear him and I were never playing the same game. He has always been operating on a while different level.

And for what it’s worth, there aren’t many Guinness World Records for Guitar Hero but one does exist. Back on May 30, 2009, Danny Johnson was awarded the GWR for the highest score ever recorded on a single track, a record I’m pretty sure that has been broken again by now.