Guy fakes knife attack to impress girl on first date

How far would you go to impress a girl? Some flowers, maybe a nice dinner? How about staging a knife attack on your first date? Now that’s love.


Brianne Coots, pictured left, was on her first date with Tyler Siegel, a 26-year-old Arkansas man. Things were going well…until the knife attack happened.

Coots told police that she and Siegel were walking through the woods when a man suddenly ambushed them with a knife. She took off, leapt over a small cliff, and called 911.

When police arrived, Siegel emerged from the woods with wounds on his arm and chest. Suspicions about the legitimacy of the attack arose when police noted how superficial the slashes were.

The police report noted that Siegel was reluctant to come in for questioning. When he finally did come in, he confessed to Jonesboro Police that he had staged the attack to impress Coots.

Coots was not impressed. She told KGO-TV that she “was definitely very upset. If you want to impress somebody, impress them with the good stuff you can do, I mean you could buy people flowers, have a good job, have a good education.”

Less knives, more flowers. Got it.

Siegel was not charged with a crime by police after it was determined that the only damage he did was to himself.

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