Woman Looks So Much Like Jim Carrey People Are Disappointed When They Realize She’s Not Him

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Heather Shaw looks so much like Jim Carrey that she says people are disappointed, according to the Mirror, when they come up to her and realize she isn’t the famous comedic actor.

Shaw, 34, who is herself a comedian, says about her uncanny resemblance to the Ace Ventura actor, “I think it’s just a freak accident that when you mix my mum and dad’s looks, you get one kid looking like Jim Carrey. I realized I looked like Jim around the age of eight.”

“When Ace Ventura came out, I could do impressions of Ace really easily to the point that my babysitters would request I do re-enactments of certain scenes to make them laugh.

“Everyone assumes I’d be annoyed with it, but I’ve heard it my whole life so I’ve just become used to it.

“People tend to recognize me now as ‘the Jim Carrey girl’ so luckily no one is completely mistaking me for the man.”

Her choice to be a comedian while looking like one of the most famous names in comedy is a bit of a double-edged sword, she says.

“It can be hard sometimes to make sure I’m my own person and not just some lookalike of one of the most famous comedians out there,” Shaw explained.

“It’s helped my comedy career a bit as I’m able to have a following of fans and do bigger and better things in my comedy career.”

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Shaw says she’s never actually met Jim Carrey, the man she gets confused for and, while it would be great to do so, she doesn’t want to trouble him.

“It would be wild to meet him but I’m not holding my breath,” she said. “I also don’t want to bother the guy. He is a comedy legend and must be very tired.”

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