This Raging Heavy Metal Cover Of ‘Africa’ By Toto Is Your New Favorite Tune

It’s Friday afternoon and as we head into the weekend I want to leave you bros with a banger. Yesterday, I wrote about this heavy metal cover of ‘Despacito’ by Leo Moracchioli that’s still stuck in my head over 24 hours later. If you haven’t listened to the Heavy Metal cover of ‘Despacito’ yet you need to click that link.

Ever since I listened to that track yesterday I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of Heavy Metal covers on YouTube. Somewhere along the way, I subscribed to the Frog Leap Studios YouTube channel that posted yesterday’s video and now I’ve got this new song stuck in my head. Leo Moracchioli is back today with Rabea & Hannah to perform ‘Africa’ by Toto, a song I hear way too fucking often.

There’s some sort of iPhone glitch that starts playing the music on your phone alphabetically when you plug it into my car. So every time I flip over to Bluetooth in my car ‘Africa’ by Toto starts playing because of the goddamn alphabet. I didn’t even know I had this song on my iPhone until I discovered this obnoxious glitch and now I get pissed off every time I hear ‘Africa’ by Toto start playing….What’s the point of all this? I’m thinking about saving this Heavy Metal cover of ‘Africa’ by Toto on my phone just so I stop hearing the same version song over and over and over and over…Any of you bros out there have this problem too?

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