Hikers Photograph Creepy ‘Wolf Man’ In The Woods Who ‘Didn’t Take His Eyes Off’ Them

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Hikers traversing the Harz Mountains in Germany got quite a surprise when they encountered a strange-looking “wolf man” in the woods.

During their chance meeting, the hikers, Gina Weiss and her friend Tobi, were able to snap a couple of photographs.

Weiss said during the encounter in the woods at the foot of a ruined castle near Blankenburg, which lasted about 10 minutes, he “wouldn’t take his eyes off us.”

“When we reached the sand caves we saw the wolf man. He stood up high on one of the caves and held a long wooden stick like a lance in his arm,” Weiss told Bild.

“He wouldn’t take his eyes of us, said nothing. He looked dirty like a Stone Age man from a history book,” she added.

This is not the first time the “wolf man” has been spotted in the area – reports of his existence date back to at least 2015 – but it is the first time anyone has been able to photograph him.

In one the photos, the “wolf man” appears to be holding what looks like a spear. In the other, he is sitting on a rock appearing to be carving at the stone with some sort of utensil.

Members of the local fire brigade reported a possible sighting of the man wearing fur, but said that he ran off before they could get close.

According to The Times, authorities in Blankenburg say that over the past five years they have received multiple reports about a figure wearing a wolf costume or wolf fur in the forest.

In March, police reported receiving a phone call during which the caller told them, “Help, there’s a wolf man running around here.”

People have also run across mysterious fire sites and branch shelters. They have also claimed to have seen seeing unexplained fire-bolts in the area.

“Someone clearly knows how to live outside and adapt to the changing seasons,” said Alexander Beck, head of Blankenburg fire brigade

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