Holly Sonders Is Now Dating Some Professional Gambler With A Very Shady Past Known As ‘Vegas Dave’

holly sonders vegas dave

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Holly Sonders has herself a new boyfriend. The former FOX Sports host and reporter divorced former Golf Channel host Erik Kuselias in 2016 and more recently was involved with Kliff Kingsbury, but she’s moved on from the NFL head coach to a professional gambler Dave Oancea who is known as ‘Vegas Dave.’

You wouldn’t be alone if you admitted not knowing who the hell this guy is before seeing this story, but apparently, he’s a ‘sports information consultant‘ who sells his picks for a wide range of prices.

Sonders has been promoting his picks and tips all over Instagram lately.

According to Sonders’ caption there he never loses back to back days, but he will steal your social security number.

According to New York Post, Vegas Dave was sentenced to three-years probation earlier this year and is banned from sportsbooks in Vegas after facing 19 felonies and up to 40 years in prison for using other people’s social security numbers to open accounts at casinos.

While being banned from sportsbooks in Vegas certainly doesn’t make things easier for the professional gambler, he’s still (apparently) got things rolling as he explained to TMZ.

And yes, you’re exactly right, this dude looks just like bagel boss guy.

Sonders has gone from dating an NFL head coach to hanging out at a strip club with this dude. What kind of world are we living in?

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