Can’t Locate Your 2020 Spotify Wrapped Playlist? Here’s How To Find It

How to find Spotify 2020 Wrapped Playlist

If you were on Twitter or Facebook last night you likely saw thousands of people talking about their 2020 Spotify Wrapped playlists. I felt left out. I use Spotify all day every day but when I opened the mobile app it wasn’t there for me. Spotify also released a ton of stats about the past year and I’ve included some of those below.

I force quit the app, reopened it, and it still wasn’t there. I checked the App Store for updates and I was good there so I did a quick Google search and boom, the problem was resolved. And it turns out that was all for naught anyway because when I opened the Spotify app this morning I got the full 2020 Wrapped experience complete with the slideshow of everything I listened to and how much I listened to it.

So, if you’re having trouble finding your 2020 Spotify Wrapped Playlist it’s possible that you’re trying to find it through your web browser. You’ll need to use the Spotify app.

If you open the Spotify app and it’s STILL not at the top of your screen you’ll need to go to playlists and search ‘2020 Wrapped’ and it will be there for you to enjoy and then that will most likely trigger Spotify to shoot you the full experience and show you your year-end review. It will likely look something like this:

How to find Spotify 2020 Wrapped Playlist

To recap: (1) Open up the Spotify mobile app and it your 2020 Wrapped Playlist should likely be at the top of your smartphone’s screen. If it’s not, (2) go to Playlists and search ‘2020 Wrapped’ and it will be there. Then you’ll soon receive an email recap from Spotify along with a slideshow at the top of the mobile app recapping your yearly stats.

How to find Spotify 2020 Wrapped Playlist

Don’t judge my Spotify music, please. I also use the Live Phish app for all my Phish and I use YouTube a ton at home. But I actually get most of my music in the car from Sirius XM. I’m not at all embarrassed by my top songs or artists but it’s been a weird year, I lost a parent and listened to some songs on repeat when I was going through moods where I just wanted to be sad for a while so I think that’s reflected in my 2020 Wrapped playlist. I also have a 1.5-year-old son who dances his face off to Robyn’s ‘Dancing on my Own’ so that explains that song.

Across the globe, Bad Bunny was the most streamed artist on Spotify with more than 8.3 BILLION streams. Drake was second followed by J Balvin, Juice WRLD, and The Weeknd. Billie Eilish was the most-streamed female artist in the world followed by Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding LIghts’ was the most streamed song in the world with 1.6 BILLION streams. Unsurprisingly, The Joe Rogan Experience was the most streamed podcast globally followed by TED Talks Daily and The Daily. You can catch all of Spotify’s annual stats over here in their press release.