Snoop Dogg Reveals How Much Weed He Smokes Daily While Correcting Outrageous Claims

calculating how much weed Snoop Dogg smokes each day, week, and year

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If there were a ‘Mt. Rushmore of Famous Stoners’ then rapper/mogul Snoop Dogg would certainly be on it. Snoop Dogg aka Calvin Broadus Jr. has been a public advocate of cannabis for years but he’s also an investor in a California-based weed delivery startup as well as the owner of Merry Jane, a digital media business about Cannabis, and the owner of Leafs By Snoop, his own line of marijuana products.

A story went viral recently about Snoop Dogg. His personal blunt roller Renagade PerRana claimed that she had rolled ‘close to half-a-million joints’ for the Dogg Father. This story from the self-proclaimed ‘best blunt roller on the planet’ claimed that she rolled between 75 to 150 joints every single day.

Snoop said ‘not so fast’ and shut down that story after it got picked up by every media outlet on the planet.

How Much Weed Snoop Dogg Smokes Each Day

Snoop Dogg shared a clip on Instagram of his ‘roaches’ (the remnants from his blunts) after a full day. In the video, Snoop can be heard saying “stop lyin’. How the f–k am I gonna smoke all that weed in one day? What am I a f–kin’ machine? B–ch this is the roaches. See? Roaches.”

Count ’em up and that’s 10 blunt roaches for the full day:

It’s clear as day there are just 10 roaches there but it’s worth considering a few things here… I sincerely doubt that Snoop Dogg’s private blunt roller only rolls blunts for him. She is the self-proclaimed best blunt roller on the planet and a personal employee of his. I have no doubt he’d want to showcase an employee’s skills like that.

While Snoop Dogg is showing his daily leftovers of 10 blunts we are left to assume that is a normal day. What about on a day when he is hosting a special party with 100 guests. It really doesn’t seem that crazy that Snoop would ask his private blunt roller to pre-roll an asinine number of joints ahead of time.

Futhermore, I’ve spoken with countless business owners over the years who gift out their products during the holidays. As an owner of his own cannabis line, it seems highly likely that Snoop would gift out his special private blunt roller-rolled blunts at the holidays and for other special occasions as gifts. He’s a classy guy and that’s a thoughtful gift.

So while Snoop Dogg’s saying he only smokes 10 blunts a day, it is highly likely that his private blunt roller is rolling a LOT more blunts each day.

How much does all that add up to each day and per year?

What we know from Snoop Dogg is he smokes (or smoked) 10 blunts a day. Previous studies have estimated that the average joint contains 0.66 grams of cannabis. According to the NYT, that number is closer to 0.43 grams/joint.

25% of cannabis users estimate they use at least 1 gram per joint. And we know that blunts tend to run much larger than joints.

According to the top-voted answer on Quora, blunts range in size from 1 gram of weed in a Swisher Sweet to 3-4 grams for a Backwood blunt and 1-2 grams for Zig Zag Blunt Wraps.

There is a line of Snoop Dogg rolling papers for sale on Amazon that are listed at 1 and 1/4 size, which is pretty standard joint-rolling paper size. He also has his name on a line of King Size Slim papers that measure 110mm x 44mmm. A ‘Classic Size’ cone joint has an average size of 98mm x 26mm.

We’re getting closer to the answer here…

This would mean an average cone-shaped joint has a volume of 17343. The volume of Snoop’s King Size Slim papers would be 55752.8 or roughly 3.2 times larger than a typical joint based on the calculations Google’s Chrome browser is telling me.

So let’s assume averages… A typical joint contains between 0.66 grams per day and up to 1 gram/joint. Blunts are roughly 3.2 times larger than a joint. And Snoop Dogg is smoking 10 each day.

The range of how much weed Snoop Dogg smokes every day is between 1.98 grams to 3 grams per blunt, 10 times over, or between 19.8 grams and 30 grams of cannabis every day.

There are roughly 28 grams in an ounce, so it’s possible Snoop Dogg is smoking over an ounce of weed every single day. Going further…

How Much Weed Snoop Dogg Smokes Per Year

The ranges of how much weed Snoop smokes per day is 19.8 to 30 grams/day. Which means that adds up to:

Between 138.6 grams and 210 grams per week.

And that’s between 7207.2 grams per year and 10,920 grams per year. Keep in mind this isn’t accounting for how much additional weed Snoop Dogg might smoke on a day like 4/20 or other holidays.

There are about 453.6 grams in a pound. And this means that each year Snoop Dogg smokes between 15.8 pounds and 24.07 pounds of cannabis by himself.

So now we know how much weed Snoop Dogg smokes every day, week, and year on average. And now we have a sense of how much this person might smoke:

It must take a small army to keep these guys supplied. Going back a few years, a reddit thread from 2015 claimed that Snoop once publicly stated he smokes 81 blunts a day. Times have changed and Snoop Dogg showed that he now smokes 10 blunts a day. So it’s time to throw out that old math.