MCU Fans In Meltdown Mode As Hot Mic Catches Howard Stern Saying He’s Working On A ‘Doctor Doom’ Project This Summer

Howard Stern Says On Hot Mic He's Working On A 'Doctor Doom' Project

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  • A hot mic picked up Howard Stern saying he’s working on something related to Doctor Doom this summer.
  • While it’s unclear what exactly he’s talking about, movie fans think it could be an MCU project.
  • Victor Von Doom is one of the most famous villains in comic book history.

A day after making headlines by saying he’s considering running for President of the United States, famed radio host Howard Stern is back in the news today, albeit for an entirely different reason.

During a recent episode of The Howard Stern Show, a hot mic picked up the 68-year-old saying that he’s working on something related to Doctor Doom this summer. Doctor Doom, of course, is one of the most iconic villain in the history of Marvel Comics.

Given Stern’s age — and acting profile — there’s a zero percent chance that he’s the one PLAYING Victor Von Doom in whatever he’s talking about.

Hot mic picks up Howard Stern saying he’s working on something Doctor Doom related this summer

“Are you working this summer? ” co-host Robin Quivers can be heard asking.

“I told you, I’m going to do Doctor Doom,” Stern says before the ad playing over him makes what he’s saying unintelligible.

If true, the news is obviously exciting for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Doctor Doom — a direct rival of the Fantastic Four, who will also make their MCU debut in the coming years — is one of the most celebrated villains in the history of comic books. The character also presents the MCU with an opportunity to do something they’ve never quite done before and that’s a true anti-hero and/or villain origin story film.

One this is for certain, though: given the famed secrecy that shrouds the MCU, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige certainly won’t be thrilled about this news breaking thanks to a hot mic error if it is indeed true.

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