Not All Heroes Wear Capes: This Guy’s Facebook Post About His Wife’s Interminable Trip To Target Is A++

Husbands Facebook Post About His Wifes Trip To Target Goes Viral

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A husband’s Facebook post about his wife’s neverending shopping trip to Target went viral this week because there almost every single person out there can relate to his suffering.

The man, Jeremy Tuck, a pastor at Living Faith Tabernacle in the Atlanta suburb of Forest Park, posted a photo of himself in the parking lot of an Atlanta-area Target holding a sign that read, “NOT HOMELESS. WIFE IN TARGET 2+ HOURS. PLEASE HELP!”

“I will not be silent!” Tuck wrote in the caption of the photo.

It has now been shared over 154,000 times with over 800 comments, almost all of which showing their support for the very relatable situation in which he found himself.

“I can relate, my wife be in Target and claims to lose track of time,” wrote one commenter.

“Give him strength, Lord!” and “I feel you man,” wrote others.

“Thank you for being our voice,” said another man.

Of course, there was no way Pastor Tuck’s wife Akila wasn’t going to see the photo and respond, especially since he eventually made it on to the local news.

“I wish I could get a $1 for how many times my husband’s “funny” Target picture has been shared. He’s gone viral all for making fun of me “budget” shopping at Target 😂 I think I deserve something for all my troubles! 🎯 #targetforever,” she posted to Facebook.

#TargetForever… that hashtag could definitely be taken in more than one way, depending on your perspective, right, Pastor Tuck?


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