If you’re going to lose your life savings, make sure you get a dreadlocked banana out of it

Henry Gribbohm really wanted to win an Xbox Kinect from a carnival game. How bad? Willing to bet his life savings bad.

CBS Boston

Gribbohm, a 30-year-old dad from New Hampshire, filed a police report accusing a local carnival of shenanigans after his run-in with their “Tubs of Fun” game.

The man claims that he spent $300 attempting to win the Xbox Kinect — currently retailing for $149 at most locations — before he ran home to get more money for more shots at the prize. Each time, Gribbohm said, he would be able to beat the game in practice, but not when it came time to play for prizes.

Gribbohm brought an additional $2,300, his life savings, to the carnival.

Gribbohm told WBZ in Boston, “You just get caught up in the whole ‘I’ve got to win my money back.’”

He left with only a Rastafarian banana with a vacant glare and awesome dreadlocks to show for it.

The carnival behind the game is currently reviewing the contractor who provided the equipment. They say this is a first they’ve heard a complaint of this nature.

You should spend three minutes and watch the hilariously filmed news report on CBS Boston.

Maybe I just don’t know the market for carnival games but I’d be so stoked to leave with that banana with dreadlocks. In fact, every day that this little kid complains about not being able to go to college or have no clothes or not be homeless because his dad spent hundreds of dollars trying to win ring toss next, this kid should look at the banana and go, “I should stop worrying and be happy. You are an inspiration, human sized banana who probably loves pot.”