Investigation Into ‘1,000 Year-Old Alien Corpses’ Could Result In Criminal Charges

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UFO investigator Jaime Maussan is now the subject of a criminal probe after displaying two alleged “1,000 year-old alien corpses” to Congress in Mexico.

The journalist and UFOlogist, who led the Congressional hearing and testified under oath, claimed the “alien corpses” were discovered in the city of Cusco, Peru.

Maussan also claimed that the corpses’ DNA is “unknown” and not part of “our terrestrial evolution.”

After the “alien corpses” were presented to Mexican Congress by Maussan and military medical doctor José de Jesús Zalce Benítez, multiple scientists railed against the presentation.

“Let me tell you that all this is complete nonsense,” Rafael Bojalil-Parra, research reinforcement director at Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAD) in Mexico City told Live Science.

Maussan claimed scientists at the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) used radiocarbon dating to determine DNA evidence that over 30% of the specimens’ DNA was “unknown.”

Just one problem with that claim. Julieta Fierro, a scientist at UNAM, claimed the results of his analysis of the bodies “do not show anything mysterious that could indicate life compounds that do not exist on Earth.”

Now, the country of Peru has launched a criminal probe based in part on Jaime Maussan’s claim that the bodies were “found in diatom (algae) mines, and were later fossilized.”

Express reports…

Peruvian officials are now vigorously questioning how these specimens, which they assert are of earthly origin, left the country and ended up in Maussan’s possession.

Culture Minister Leslie Urteaga has stated that they are investigating the circumstances under which these bodies, described as pre-Hispanic objects, departed Peru, and a criminal complaint has been lodged.

Maussan’s response to the criminal investigation? “I’m not worried. I have done absolutely nothing illegal.”

However, when asked how the remains ended up in Mexico if they were found in Peru near the pre-Columbian Nazca Lines, Maussan replied that information would be revealed “at the appropriate time.”

In 2017, Maussan also claimed to have discovered “alien” bodies in Peru. They turned out to be human children.

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