Bringing Back Jake Gyllenhaal Losing His Mind In This John Mulaney Sketch Because Why Not?

jake gyllenhaal mr music


There are two 2020s: pre-corona 2020 and post-corona 2020. Remember, back in pre-corona 2020, how excited we all were when Parasite and Brad Pitt won their Academy Awards? It feels like such a lifetime ago that I’m no longer counting it as part of the greater 2020 canon, but instead existing in its own corner of the multiverse, two months of regular life that feel more like a fever dream.

Another easily forgotten nugget of joy from pre-corona 2020 was Jake Gyllenhaal’s truly and deeply gonzo appearance as Mr. Music in John Mulaney’s musical comedy special John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch. At the time, I’d seen screenshots of Gyllenhaal looking into the camera like an absolute madman but never really took the time to track down the full video.

Well, since I’ve been sitting on my couch being able to focus on essentially nothing other than anxiety for the last three days, I finally got around to experiencing the madness of Mr. Music for myself and the pure, unfiltered insanity of Gyllenhaal’s creation far exceeded my expectations. As one YouTube commenter hilariously put it, “Jake Gyllenhaal’s range makes him a little scary.”

As I just mentioned, perhaps equally hilarious to Gyllenhaal’s performance are the comments about Gyllenhaal himself:

This random video from a century ago brought me a fleeting moment of empty-headed, stress-free entertainment so hopefully, it does the same for you. Especially considering that Father Time has somehow conspired against us by making today NOT Friday. How is that even possible? It feels like Friday. It needs to be Friday.

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