Jay From Broken Lizard Shared A Touching Jimmy Buffett Story About ‘Club Dread’s Coconut Pete

Jimmy Buffett with actor Matthew McConaughey

Getty Image / Joshua Blanchard

The world woke up a little less bright over the weekend when news broke that legendary musician Jimmy Buffett had passed away after a battle with skin cancer. But the dark clouds soon broke as those that were fortunate to know him best began sharing incredible stories about the impact Jimmy Buffett had on their lives.

BroBible Publisher Brandon Wenerd shared an excerpt from Jimmy’s memoir about Buffett’s Tao, an excerpt that has resonated with a lot of people.

It was also revealed that Sir Paul McCartney visited Jimmy at his home to sing days before the ‘Margaritaville’ empire maker passed away.

There were, of course, countless tributes from Parrot Heads on social media. Folks gathered in front of Buffett’s Daytona Beach house to pay tribute. But it was actor Jay Chandrasekhar from Broken Lizard (Super Troopers, Club Dread) sharing a personal story that’s stuck with me through the weekend.

Jay Chandrasekhar shared the story of him and Bill Paxton going to visit Jimmy Buffett in Florida to show Jimmy Club Dread, a film where Bill plays a knockoff version of Buffett but who also hates Jimmy. They didn’t know how Buffett would react, nor did Jay know what it would be like traveling with Bill Paxton who passed out cash to everyone along the way.


A little story abiut Jimmy Buffett.

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There will, no doubt, be countless concert tributes and stories shared about Jimmy in the years to come. Sublime with Rome stopped their show in Tampa on Saturday night to pay tribute to Buffett and I have to assume the same was happening across the nation over the weekend.

Citizens of Key West held a New Orleans-style funeral parade in honor of Buffett’s life and legacy. He’ll be missed by millions but his spirit will love in through his Music and stories.