Joe Rogan Has A New Energy Drink, And No, It Is Not Made Out Of Elk Meat

Energy drink company Kill Cliff announced that it had teamed up with popular comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan to release a limited-edition flavor that is reportedly “straight from the mind” of the entertainer.

Getty Image / Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

We now live in a world that has a Joe Rogan-inspired beverage.

Let’s tell you what this new JRE drink will NOT be:

  • The new drink is not leftover water from a sensory deprivation tank.
  • The new drink is not flavored like kettlebells.
  • The new drink will not have 10% elk blood.
  • The new drink will not be psilocybin-infused from psychedelic mushrooms.

Spotify podcaster and UFC commentator Joe Rogan partnered with energy drink purveyor Kill Cliff to release a new beverage perfect for the rest of us talking monkeys traveling on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.

“I’ve teamed up with @killcliff to release a flaming pineapple CBD energy drink that goes on sale tomorrow,” Rogan wrote on his Instagram. “We worked on this motherf**er for months to get it right, and they nailed it! Pineapple and jalapeño! 25 milligrams of CBD per can!”

Kill Cliff, which self-describes itself as “America’s #1 clean energy drink company, boasts that its drinks contain no sugar or artificial ingredients. Kill Cliff says the drink contains B vitamins and is Keto friendly.

“Get your mind, body, and taste buds back on track with electrolyte, B-vitamins, no sugar, killer taste, and only 20 calories,” Kill Cliff says.

The energy drink brand promoted the new limited-edition “Flaming Joe” beverage by creating something called the “Roganrita.”

What better way to fuel up for an in-depth dive into aliens invading the planet, discuss conspiracy theories about the government controlling the weather with Alex Jones during a 3-hour-long Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and to give you enough umpf to power through a grueling set of hill sprints in your Vibrams.

The wonderful part is that the can will fit nicely in your stylish fanny pack.

Whatever you do, don’t give this energy drink to Joey Diaz, Uncle Joey has more than enough vigor already.