Investigative Journalist Claims ‘Up To 30’ UFOs May Have Been Recovered By US Government

UFO crashed in a valley


Investigative journalist Michael Shellenberger claims “up to 30” UFOs have been recovered by the United States government since World War II.

Shellenberger has been investigating the monumental claims about UFOs and aliens that are being made by government intelligence whistleblower David Grusch, a veteran of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

In June, the journalist reported on Substack that “multiple sources close to the matter have come forward to tell Public that Grusch’s core claims are accurate. The individuals are all either high-ranking intelligence officials, former intelligence officials, or individuals who we could verify were involved in U.S. government UAP [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UFO] efforts for three or more decades each. Two of them have testified, including as recently as last year, to both AARO [All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office] and Congress.”

This past week, Shellenberger elaborated on and updated his investigation of Grusch’s claims in a new interview with Glenn Beck.

“We’ve done two pieces now,” Shellenberger told Beck, “One was just very, very senior people with high security clearances who were afraid to talk to me. And I know who they are and I know that they have the security clearances they have and I know they were very scared and I believe that if they had talked to me it could have been very bad for them. And they were just straight up.

“There’s somewhere at least on the north side of a dozen retrieved non-human craft and I have other people that say it’s up to 30 and this is all since World War II.

“So if that’s true, Glenn, yes, I mean then it’s yes. Then it means that we’re not alone and we haven’t been for a long time. So there’s a there’s a question of the implications of that and then there’s the question of what would it take for us to finally be able to get to the bottom of that?”

Michael Shellenberger also added that he and others have been digging, looking for something that would discredit David Grusch and they have all come up empty.

“He’s squeaky clean,” he told Beck. “He’s like a Boy Scout and he was always promoted, he was always one of the smartest guys in the room.”

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