Kate Upton’s 110-Pound Deadlift Is Pretty Damn Impressive

Kate Upton Deadlift

Instagram / @benbrunotraining

People probably assume that models and actresses only stick to yoga or cardio to stay in shape while in self-isolation.

Me. I’m people.

Kate Upton proves idiots like myself dead wrong with this impressive-as-hell landmine deadlift routine.

The model and actress posted this video deadlifting 110 pounds like she’s just picking up a bag of clothes to donate to Goodwill.

So what’s a landmine deadlift? Men’s Health explains:

Upton completes seven reps of the intense landmine deadlift, which utilizes a straight barbell which is weighted at one end. The variation on a typical deadlift is especially helpful for those new to lifting. The anchored bar helps to teach proper technique by forcing a straight back and teaching the body to hinge at the hips.

Upton has been working with a trainer for the last few months, Ben Bruno, and the trainer posted a video of his own explaining his client is lifting some “serious weight” and giving the keys to Kate’s success.

“Kate has gotten so strong. Wanna know her secret? It’s consistent hard work over time. I wish I had a real secret or shortcut to share, but there is none. You can’t cheat the process.”

Bruno also explains that during the 108-day quarantine period, Upton has trained with him 93 times.

I think the key was the little butt wiggle before the big lift. Just my personal opinion.

[via Men’s Health]


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