Volleyball Star Kayla Simmons Wears Cowboy Hat And Revealing Dress On Bed With Friend

Kayla Simmons

Getty Image

Former volleyball sensation, Kayla Simmons, is on a roll that even a tumbleweed would envy.

With a whopping 6.6 million followers glued to her every move on TikTok and Instagram, she’s not just spiking volleyballs; she’s spiking the internet too.

After a vacation that probably left Santorini and Mykonos begging for more, Kayla is back in Los Angeles.

Kayla’s chosen attire for her latest Instagram post is a revealing white dress and Cowboy hat. And as if the cowboy hat and the dress weren’t enough attention grabbing, she’s on a bed with a friend.

The two were signing Josh Turner’s “Would You Go With Me.” Country music and a revealing white dress – now that’s a combination even Nashville didn’t see coming.

Kayla captioned her post with “yee yee 🤠.”

While Kayla made a name for herself as a volleyball ace at Marshall University, she’s now dominating a different court – the social media court. Move over, Kardashians; there’s a new influencer in town.

And just when you thought her Greek vacation escapades were all the rage, she had to one-up herself. She went viral for flashing her top off in Santorini.

Kayla was bouncing on the beach to Taylor Swift in yet another revealing white outfit.

And if you think that’s all, think again. Kayla recently risked a big wardrobe malfunction while wearing a Pam Anderson red bathing suit in the bathroom.