Twitter Clowns On Kevin Hart For Not Being Funny, Hart Responds By Flexing His Wallet, Makes Things Incalculably Worse

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Folks, as the youth would say, Kevin Hart is down bad, as he’s taken to Twitter to not only respond to criticism of his brand of comedy, but flex his wallet, which is certainly one of the most preposterous, actually sort of pathetic things a celebrity can do. “Oh, you don’t like my work? Well, guess what? I make more money than you, losers!” Imagine if LeBron said or did something like this — the internet would have a meltdown. I mean… Hart somewhat literally went with the “I’m rich and you’re poor” move:

But here’s the thing: he’s not down bad! A quick Google search tells me he’s worth approximately $200 million. Now, while there’s no level of fame that’s able to tamper the human nature of being hurt by criticism, especially when that criticism is of both your passion and livelihood, it certainly impacts whether or not you should respond to said criticism. Look at Hart’s buddy The Rock, for example. No one is confusing him with Laurence Olivier or Marlon Brandon anytime soon. But guess what? The Rock doesn’t give a flying fuck because he stacks check the size of skyscrapers.

Hart, obviously, does not have as thick of skin as The Rock (given that the man seems to be made of titanium, that shouldn’t come as a surprise), as his social media lash out predictably made things worse for him:

Let this be a lesson to Kevin Hart and all celebrities, whether they be from sports, entertainment, or otherwise: when the general public criticizes your work, don’t get offended, get better. And if you *do* get offended, act your age about it and understand that flexing the size of your wallet only makes you look worse. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, perhaps Hart is so defensive because knows he’s nearing the end of his overextended 15-minutes.

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