This 11-Course KFC Tasting Menu Is So Perfect It Must’ve Been Sculpted By Michelangelo

KFC Selling 11-Course Gourmet Meal With Absurd Tasting Menu


  • KFC is offering a gourmet 11-course tasting menu for a limited time
  • The meal—which features a “gravy candle” and a drumstick coated in gold—will only be served at one location
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In the culinary world, the words “tasting menu” are usually associated with meals served up at restaurants in the running for a Michelin star (or more); multicourse and hour-long affairs where the chef is given free rein to showcase their talents with innovative and breathtaking dishes that are normally accompanied by an equally mind-blowing price tag.

It’s not exactly the kind of experience you’d expect to get at something like KFC—at least until now.

I love me some Kentucky Fried Chicken every once in a while, but I don’t think I’d make Colonel Sanders roll over in his grave by stating the chain isn’t exactly the epitome of fine dining.

However, the same can’t be said for what’s being served up for a limited time at one KFC in Australia, as Nelly Robinson—the executive chef at .nel in Sydney—has teamed up with the brand for one of the more unique meals you’ll ever encounter.

According to Food and Wine, Robinson worked in conjunction with KFC Australia to dream up an 11-course “Degustation” tasting menu featuring a number of options you won’t find slapped on the menu above any of its registers—including wings cooked over an open pit of charcoal, a plate where a variety of sauces are used to draw Colonel Sanders’ face, and a drumstick covered in quinoa and gold dust.

If you’re in Sydney (or are willing to make the trek for a meal that will set you back $75 per person), you can visit this website to try to book one of the limited number of reservations that will be available between April 1 and April 3rd.

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