You Can Make Cocktails With KFC Gravy If That Sounds Good To You For Some Reason

kfc gravy cocktails


Based on the number of times I’ve attempted to counteract a night of drinking by buying way too many McNuggets at an ungodly hour of the morning and followed it up by ordering chicken and waffles at brunch the day, I can attest that there are few things that pair together better than alcohol and deep-fried poultry. I know Ludacris figured this out way back in 2003, but it’s still worth acknowledging.

Given this fact, it’s only natural that KFC would want to dip their toes into the cocktail game, but it appears they may have accidentally gotten a bit too eager and dove headfirst into the shallow end based on the fact that they just released a bunch of recipes featuring their gravy as the central ingredient.

The Colonel teamed up with a mixologist who I sincerely hope was compensated enough to put his good name on the line to create three different cocktails that contain far more gravy than any cocktail ever should.

I do have to give him credit for coming up with at least one recipe that doesn’t sound entirely revolting: The Gravy Mary— because if you’re willing to mix vodka with tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce, gravy doesn’t really seem like that much of a leap.

However, if that doesn’t look super appealing, I doubt you’re going to be on board with a cocktail containing gravy-infused mezcal as its central ingredient.

I’d also be surprised if many people would be drawn to a drink that’s literally just bourbon and gravy (despite the best efforts of the parsley and brown sugar rim to distract you from what you’re putting in your mouth).

If you (for some reason) want to try any of these drinks, you’ll have to make them at home, as they won’t be available for sale at any of the chain’s locations. If you’re brave enough to actually whip one of these up, I wish your stomach, heart, and liver the best of luck.

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