Race Fan Turns Drunken Viral Moment Into On Stage Meeting With Zach Bryan

Race fans celebrate the finish at the Indy 500.

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A race fan turned a drunken interview into an on-stage meeting with country music singer Zach Bryan. The Indy 500 goer was spoken to earlier this year, giving social media users an instant viral moment.

A few months later, his words became part of a song on the musician’s latest album. He’s now making internet waves for a second time in 2023.

Kyle Bilby was in attendance at the Indy 500 this past May, apparently having himself quite the time. ‘Dana Beers’ of Barstool Sports caught up with the young fan in the tailgating area, and he quickly turned into a social media sensation.

Bilby’s prerace party took the internet by storm.

@dana_beers #indy500 ♬ original sound – Dana Beers

“I started drinking at 6 AM,” Bilby began. “We’re here now and I don’t know what time it is, but I’m rolling deep, and those cars are going real fast and real left, son. They’re going fast and left.”

Admittedly intoxicated, the fan just went off in the hilarious interview, clearly excited to take in all the high speeds and left turns that the race had to offer.

At last check, the TikTok video posted above has more than 13 million views, and that number will likely continue to grow given what’s happened since.

Country music singer Zach Bryan sampled the clip in “Overtime,” a song from his recently released self-titled album.

Listeners caught wind of the familiar sound at the start of that tune, with word quickly making its way back to ‘Dana Beers.’ The social media personality posted a follow-up video this week showing how that drunken moment turned into an on-stage meet-and-greet.

@dana_beers Awesome Zach Bryan story #zachbryan #kylebilby #barstoolsports #music ♬ original sound – Dana Beers

“Wholesome story alert,” Beers said. “You might’ve seen this dude right here. He went super viral all over TikTok.”

The clip then recapped the original interview before showing where it landed Bilby a few months later.

“So, his name’s Kyle Bilby. Quote machine. Electric personality. And I ‘conducted’ that interview. By conduct, I mean he just went off. I didn’t really say anything. Next thing I know, somebody tags me in a Zach Bryan Instagram post with a song and something that sounded very familiar.

“Zach puts Kyle’s ‘Fast and Left’ Indy 500 quote at the beginning of a song. Amazing. Next thing you know, Kyle Bilby sends me a message. He’s on stage with Zach Bryan.”

Bryan invited Bilby up on stage to give fans that in-person intro to “Overtime,” with the race fan unsurprisingly downing beers front and center at the concert.

“Everything comes full circle.”