Watch L.A. Beast Drink A 6-Pack Of Beer In Under 40 Seconds Using A Leaf Blower

Y’all know L.A. Beast. Know how he earns a livin’. L.A. Beast AKA Kevin Strahle has been making outrageous videos where he does spectacularly insane stunts and ridiculous eating challenges for your entertainment. His YouTube channel has nearly 2 million followers because it’s a fucking smorgasbord of fantastic feats that no human should ever attempt, let alone successfully accomplish on video and post to the internet.

In the past few years, we have witnessed L.A. Beast chug three bottles of spicy sriracha sauce, eat 13 habanero peppers in 90 seconds while standing on one foot, eat a box of crayons (hey, but at least the skidmarks are pretty), and eat as many lightbulbs as he can in 10 minutes (That’s one bright shit). You’d think he had done it all right? Wrong. Because now he’s drinking a 6-pack of beer by using a leaf blower in 40 seconds or less. Forget power hour, for L.A. Beast it’s no limit minute.

L.A. Beast took a 6-pack of Miller High Life and put them all in one bottle, then modified it so that a leaf blower could be attached to it. What a fucking innovator. In 39.13 seconds, L.A. Beast consumed all six beers thanks to the brew being rocketed down his throat. I’m not sure that’s exactly how The Champagne of Beers is was intended to be enjoyed, but who’s to say that you’re not supposed to force blow The Champagne of Beers down your gullet in less than a minute.