LeBron James And Justin Timberlake Took Shots Together On Stage In Cleveland

LeBron James Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s Man Of The Woods Tour came through Cleveland on Saturday night, as JT and the Tennessee Kids rocked out the Quicken Loans Arena. Of course, no famous person can publicly perform in Cleveland without acknowledging and/or featuring LeBron James AKA The King of The ‘Land.

So, Justin brought LeBron James on stage and spoke some kind words to the fans of Cleveland. All of which lead to cheers with shot glasses and a drink to The ‘Land.

Watch a video of JT and The King here:

The night before, JT visited LeBron at his Quicken show as the Cavs defeated the Pelicans 107-102. At the end of the game, Justin and LeBron shared some words in a secret conversation of sorts.

The real question… what did they drink a shot of on stage? Was it really booze or did they pull one over on us and drink water? We know LeBron is a big wine guy but I doubt they threw back a shot of some buttery chardonnay.