Liongstate Hit With New $300M Lawsuit By ‘Ex-Drug Kingpin’ Over Claims Of Intimidation By 50 Cent

50 Cent Curtis Jackson

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Lionsgate has reportedly been hit with a $300 million lawsuit by a former ‘drug kingpin’ who went by the nickname of Ghost, claiming to have been harassed and intimidated by 50 Cent.

The so-called ‘ex-drug kingpin’ is reportedly suing over claims of ‘intimidation,’ claiming that 50 Cent is ‘very open about his violent behavior’ and the lawsuit points out that he’s previously been found guilty of Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

While Curtis Jackson is no stranger to lawsuits and the courtroom, this must feel like Deja Vu. Because these two parties are already going to mediation in a $1 billion lawsuit over Power, 50 Cent’s show on STARZ.

The website AllHipHop published what appears to be a page from the lawsuit filing. It alleges the intimidation has been occurring since 2021.

It alleges 50 Cent brought armed ‘hitmen’ to the ex-drug kingpin’s home. They write:

During that lawsuit, Holland claims 50 Cent showed up in his neighborhood with men in vans and SUVs, who went around the area looking for a man named “Ghost.”

The men finally found Holland and stared him down as he stood in his driveway. Holland claimed he was forced to arm himself. Holland claimed he asked 50 Cent and his goons why they were in the neighborhood, but they prevented him from confronting the rapper.

In the separate $1 billion lawsuit that’s headed to mediation, ‘Ghost’ alleges that 50 Cent used his life story as the premise of Power and offered neither credit nor compensation.

An article on Uproxx says that lawsuit is headed to mediation because 50 Cent’s legal team never responded to the complain.

This second $300M lawsuit against Lionsgate is an extension of that, alleging that 50 Cent’s ‘intimidation’ occurred throughout the other legal proceedings.

I, for one, am surprised to see 50 Cent being sued for $1 billion when his estimated net worth is only $40 million…

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