Dude Lived With A Group Of Girls For A Week And Compiled A List Of 30 Weird Things Women Do

Girls Getting Ready


When girls like a guy they show the dude a very sanitized version of their lives that no normal human being could actually maintain 365 days a year. However once a woman is comfortable with a man after dating for some time they may show glimpses of their private side. It may even take years for a woman to reveal to her man that she takes dumps. For better or worse, one dude received insight into the private lives of girls and he will never ever be the same.

Robbie Stowers, a 20-year-old student at the University of London, went on a recent school ski trip in Tignes, France. He registered late, so he was shacked up with three strangers named Charlotte, Abbie, and Fish (which was the girl’s nickname because she was a swimmer). During his week-long ski trip, Robbie was given a window into the world of women. He compiled a list of 30 weird things women do when they’re around other women. Robbie’s observations went mega-viral and racked up over 107,000 RTs and more than 230,000 Likes.

The hair on the shower wall thing can be a bit startling when you see it for the first time, unless you’re some creepy freak like Jason Schwartzman’s character Ethan from the 2006 movie Slackers. However, women admitted that these astute observations were on point.

Poor Robbie will never be able to erase that wall of hair out of his memory.