A Louisiana Cow That Got Stuck In A Tree Has Been Rescued From Flood Waters With Chainsaws

Cow Stuck In Tree Louisiana Hurricane Ida

St. Bernard Parrish

Following the destruction left by Hurricane Ida, Louisianans quickly got to work with assessing the damage and trying to help anyone in need— whether human or bovine.

Earlier this week, St. Bernard Paris shared a video of Road Yard Chief of Operations Louis Pomes and parish government employees Tyler Acosta, David Palmer and Roy Ragan Sr. saving a cow that was stuck in a tree. No, seriously, sometime during the massive winds and flooding rain, a cow somehow managed to get stuck in a tree.

How it could have happened is hard to comprehend, but the cow did not seem to be in pain and was not struggling. More than likely, the bovine was caught in the flood water and got stuck.

The rescue workers found the cow, unable to move, caught in a tree in Florissant, Louisiana. The city is located about 45 minutes from New Orleans on the bayou, an area that was hit hard by the storm.

To get the cow out from the tree, workers had to use a chainsaw to carefully cut branches and set it free.

After nearly an hour of work to release the cow from its predicament, the rescue effort was successful. The cow was able to go freely and was taken in for a health evaluation.

However, it is unclear who the cow belonged to or whether it was able to return to its rightful owner.