Man faces criminal charges for holding 300 gallons of urine in home

Though he’s yet to be charged, police are figuring out what they can do with a Newtown, Conn. man who stored 300 gallons of his own urine in his home.

Pee jug image by Shutterstock

The man, whose name has not been released since he has not faced charges as of press time, was interrogated by both state and local environmental officials.

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection spokesman Dennis Schain told Newtown’s News Times that they found between 200 and 300 one-gallon jugs filled with urine in the home recently.

Local health officials requested DEEP involvement after receiving complaints from neighbors of the man’s Berkshire Road home.

Schain told the News Times that an environmental contractor had to be brought in to handle the situation.

All of the urine was sent to be disposed of at a nearby sewage treatment plant.

Hoarding gallons upon gallons in your house for an unknown cause seems like a fairly supervillainous thing to do. Maybe not a good supervillain, but a supervillain all the same. It may also be the actions of someone who thought Waterworld was filed under Documentaries on Netflix. 50/50 shot at either.