Man Named ‘Kovid’ Goes Viral After Sharing Stories Of How His Name Has Been A Nightmare

Man Named Kovid Shares Funny Stories About His Name

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  • A man by the name of Kovid Kapoor took to social media to share how his name has led to countless awkward interactions over the past year
  • Mr. Kovid shared stories of the ways people have misspelled his name, assumed it was fake, and openly joke about his name’s association
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Having your name hijacked by pop culture sucks. Anyone out there named Karen knows this. It’s also why when they announced The Matrix Resurrections I had flashbacks to years of people calling me ‘Mr. Aaaanderson’ in that stupid Agent Smith voice. A man named Kovid can relate.

His name’s been completely hijacked in the past 2+ years by the news because it sounds like that thing you don’t go more than 60 seconds without hearing about. Everywhere Kovid Kapoor goes, his name follows him and people laugh at it, make jokes about it, or confuse it as being misspelled.

He recently hopped onto Twitter to share a few tweets about how his name ‘Kovid’ has been hijacked in the past two years and we need to send this dude some cheer. The name Kovid actually translates to ‘scholar’ or ‘learned’ in Hindi but instead he’s getting misspelled cakes and laughed at when he goes to Starbucks…

Man Named Kovid Shares Tweets About How His Name Is Now A Nightmare

This isn’t too different from when a person suddenly becomes a meme and has no idea how to react. Some people try to ignore the viral fame, others laugh at it and lean into it making the transition a lot easier and more enjoyable. He appears to be doing the latter. You can change your name but why bother? It’s an interesting talking point now and it will lead to funny interactions everywhere he goes.