Mugshot Of Man With Ludicrous Neck Gets Obliterated By The ENTIRE Internet In The Harshest Roast In History

charles-dion-mcdowell neck mugshot

Charles Dion McDowell was recently arrested on several drug charges, including possession of meth, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, and fleeing police. For the 31-year-old, going to jail was not the worst part about his arrest. The worst part came on Tuesday when the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office posted McDowell’s mugshot on Facebook. They knew what they were doing and it had nothing to do with crime prevention. That’s because Charles Dion McDowell has a neck that you couldn’t even replicate on Photoshop.

The Facebook comment section turned into the biggest and harshest roast session in the history of humanity. There are COMMENTS that received over 123,000 LIKES. This absurd mugshot photo would be a hard pill to swallow for most people but not for Charles.

  • Who else came to read all the comments about his “neck”!?! it looks like his head is attached to his thigh!!!
  • You people should be ashamed of yourselves, all this neckativity isn’t right at all.
  • They gonna put him in jail and throat away the key.
  • His neck is still at LARGE!!!
  • What neck of the woods was he caught in?
  • Dude up to his neck in charges…
  • He’ll be outta jail neck week
  • Did anyone notify his neck-s-ta-kin…
  • What they charge this guy with? Neckless Endangerment?
  • My neck, my back, they took my meth and my crack.
  • If he hiccups too hard he’d swallow his whole head
  • I’d rob too if it cost me $65 to get rid of a sore throat
  • He look like a Snapchat filter
  • I think this is the 5th Ninja Turtle….. Neckelangelo
  • His neck need a separate charge
  • So I guess they take crime seriously in his neck of the woods
  • I wonder if he gets out, what he gone do necks
  • His parents neckglected him
  • All of his shirts are neckstra large
  • That boy got a chest tattoo on his neck

[protected-iframe id=”3ac63d9659c5d5b3b4a4f478b913d749-97886205-93291949″ info=”” width=”480″ height=”444″ frameborder=”0″]

  • Y’all come on he gotta lotta weight on his shoulders right now.
  • Necks time he should weigh his options
  • Y’all better stop laughing or you could be necks
  • Y’all leave this man alone! I bet he’d stick his neck out for you if you needed his help.
  • he can’t button the top 3 buttons
  • I’m just glad he has clothes on… It could be worse… He could be necked
  • Looks like he tried to swallow everything he got charged for
  • Why y’all do this, He was gone turn himself in necks week.
  • Dat boy can drink peanut butter
  • Why he look like a Barbie head that broke and you try to save it by pushing the head all the way down on the neck so it can stay?!
  • Better luck necks time
  • They threw the book at him… He swallowed it.
  • When you getting carried away creating your NBA player and just wanna see how far the settings will go
  • Police pulled up like “Put your neck behind your back!”
  • He would be great on americas neck top models
  • I bet if you cut his head off you can count the rings and determine his age
  • Mans gotta lifetime subscription to neckflix
  • Necks on Live PD. Man puts his neck on the line to get away from the police by running trough the necks door neighbors yard to get to the necks street over. His necks court date will be later necks month.
  • The arresting officer was quoted as saying: “this is by far the biggest collar of my career.”
  • May all our bank accounts be as strong as his neck muscles
  • These comments are rude and unNECKressary

But the abuse didn’t stop on Facebook, sadly for McDowell he also got obliterated on Twitter too with jokes and memes.

To their credit, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office really bonded with the community by releasing the mugshot with the ludicrous neck.