Man Cheats Death When Two Bullets Shot At Close Range Somehow Ricochet Off His Head

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A man in Mexico City reportedly survived being shot twice when the bullets somehow bounced off his head, leaving him with nothing but minor flesh wounds.

The man, referred to only as Francisco by Mexican media, had been walking through Mexico City’s Gustavo A. Madero neighborhood when someone approached him with a gun.

For reasons that have yet to be specified, the gunman, identified only as Carlos, attempted to shoot Francisco in the head not once, but twice, at close range.

Miraculously, both of the point-blank gunshots bounced off Francisco’s head leaving him with only minor flesh wounds.

The wounds were so minor that Francisco was able to notify some nearby Citizen Security of Mexico City officers what had happened so they could swiftly capture the gunman.

He then, as reporter Carlos Jimenez shared on Twitter, “waited calmly for an ambulance.”

A photo of Francisco at the scene does indeed show him just chilling at the scene with a couple of small wounds to his head.

Why the bullets did not do more damage is still a bit of a mystery. However, some reports say that the bullets used by the gunman were old and the gunpowder was damp. This, combined with the small caliber of the gun which had a very short barrel, may have contributed to Francisco’s almost unbelievable survival.

“The Mexican Superman!” one person tweeted in response to the story.

Someone else referred to him as Wolverine, who has an adamantium skeleton.

While another referenced Bruce Willis’ character in the film Unbreakable, David Dunn.

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