Mark Zuckerberg Wants You To Know That He’s 100% Human, And Not A Robot

Mark Zuckerberg is a totally normal human bot just like the rest of us. Being, he’s a completely functional cyborg being. Human, Mark Zuckerberg’s a human bean. BEING. Not bean. Mark Zuckerberg is a fully functional being and his cyborg body double wants everybody to know that Mark’s human and not at all an android who has been sucking up our data for decades to try and humanize himself.

When’s this clip from? Hell if I know. A buddy sent it to me this morning from Reddit’s r/videos, but this clip is a little grainy so I’m guessing that it’s a few years old. Nothing has changed, however, since this clip was filmed. Mark Zuckerberg still wants you to know that he is, was, and will forever be a human being.

Do we need further proof that Mark Zuckerberg’s an actual mouth-breathing human? Absolutely not. Mark’s just settled this debate forever by telling everyone, on camera, that he was a human being just like the rest of us. This, my dudes, is a totally normal thing to say in front of a group of strangers. Having to defend your humanity is nothing out of the ordinary at all.

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