Mark Zuckerberg Turned A Selfie With A Sloth Into The Hardest Rap Album Cover Of The Year

Mark Zuckerberg selfie with a sloth

Mark Zuckerberg / Instagram

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg had a day off and decided to ditch Menlo Park for a few hours and hit the zoo while wearing his Meta AI-enabled Ray-Ban smart glasses.

Using the AI-enabled Meta x Ray-Ban smart glasses, Mark Zuckerberg was able to capture a selfie with a sloth and somehow the end result is the hardest Rap album cover of the year.

And as a quick side note, the fact that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t have a case on his iPhone fills me with anxiety. I drop my phone at least once a day and it’s not about the cost of having to replace a phone, it’s about the annoyance of having to transfer all of the data and information every time I break one. Anyway, here’s the Meta CEO taking a selfie with a sloth and winding up with the best Hip-Hop album cover of 2024:

Mark Zuckerberg selfie with a sloth

Mark Zuckerberg / Instagram

After taking a selfie with a three-toed sloth, Mark Zuckerberg snapped this pic with a capybara which is arguably the chillest rodent in the world. The capybara pretty much gets along with every single animal in the jungle. They’re incredible.

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For the uninitiated (those not on TikTok), the ‘Capybara Song’ is an ultimate earworm. You listen to it once because it’s incredible and it gets stuck in your head for days:

I recently acquired the Meta x Ray-Ban glasses (buy them through Meta here) and it’s brilliant how you’re able to use the glasses to control your iPhone’s camera (and vice versa) while taking photos with the Meta View app. You can also go ‘live’ on Facebook and Instagram, something any of my fellow Phish fans should look out for in a few weeks when I’m at The Sphere in Vegas because I 100% plan on going live with these glasses so those who aren’t at The Sphere can get in on the fun.

The Meta x Ray-Ban glasses were also CLUTCH at my toddler’s birthday party recently. I was able to capture tons of photos and videos from the glasses that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to because my hands were constantly full and kids were always on the move but with these glasses I was able to capture them on the fly.

I’m just beginning to tap the potential of them outside of listening to audiobooks while walking my new rescue puppy but I’m also keen to hear from other Meta x Ray-Ban glasses owners who read BroBible on the best uses you’ve found for the glasses.

Listening to music on the golf course has been great when everyone around me can’t hear what I’m listening to so I can remain respectful. It’s been sick to grab photos and videos while fishing here in SW Florida. But I haven’t use the Meta AI functionality nearly enough yet and I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface there.