Aussie Matt Wright Is Like A Real Life Crocodile Dundee, Except He Might Actually Be Crazier

matt wright crocodile wrangler


We all know that Aussies can be a wild bunch, but this guy, Matt Wright, a crocodile wrangler, is definitely way out there on the crazy spectrum. Not only does he deliberately go where the crocodiles are, he also captures them, including one massive croc that was over 18 feet long!

Wright has also tracked down, captured and transported several other dangerous animals including wild buffalo and even polar bears. Oh yeah, he’s also a chopper pilot.

While that might sound crazy to you and me, and it does, based on his backstory, doing stuff like this seems to have been Matt Wright’s destiny.

From his web site

As a child he was raised in tropical far-north Queensland and spent time in Papua New Guinea, where living off the land and being comfortable with snakes, spiders, rouge cattle and even sharks was simply way of life.

By the age of ten, Matt had a collection of one of Australia’s most deadly animals, the king brown Snake. Matt had three of these living in his bedroom and was frequently in trouble at home and school for eagerly sharing his ‘pets’ with everyone.

Wright’s motto is “any animal, anywhere, any time,” and he uses this passion as an ambassador of the Worldwide Veterinary Service where his objective is always the preservation of wildlife, removing and relocating problem animals rather than killing them.

His TV show Outback Wrangler, which has been seen around the world makes its debut on Nat Geo in the United States in January.

Here’s a profile 60 Minutes Australia did on Wright that shows him capturing a few crocs…

Yup, bro is truly crazy.

Good lord, look at that thing.

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